Madame Irma

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Madame Irma - live escape game

A game where you are the hero !

Madame Irma, clairvoyant psychic and medium, saw everything in his crystal ball. But she forgot to pull his own cards... She went to the adventure and only you and your team can help and complete his mission !

Once entered his trailer, you and your team of 2 to 5 players will have 80 minutes to fathom the mysteries of the psychic !

By examining the clues hidden in your intension in the room, your sense of observation and team spirit will allow you to move forward in the survey by combining your discoveries with your logic !

Madame Irma is an "escape game" life-size, meaning that instead of playing with a computer, participants are placed in a real room.

Information and booking on this site.

Le LaboMadame Irma takes the place of the professor who, after two years of evil activities in his lab, took a well-deserved retirement. Did you like the lab ? You'll love Madame Irma !