Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask !

  • How many people can play ? Open or Close

    Our room is intended for teams of 2 to 5 players over 16 years. We also offer the possibility to receive one or two adults with children over 10 years, but a total of maximum of 5 persons.

  • What is the game duration ? Open or Close

    The game experience lasts about 1h45, 10 minutes for welcome and presentation, 1h20 of game and 15 minutes of debriefing at the output of the room.

  • Is Madame Irma's trailer accessible to all ? Open or Close

    Madame Irma's trailer is accessible even to players with a disability hearing or visual. However, due to the specificity of certain puzzles, we recommend to include in your team at least a member with no disability. We do not have a toilet adapted for wheelchairs and it is mandatory to go down/up a stair on one floor.

  • What is the difficulty of the game ? Open or Close

    "Madame Irma" does not require any specific knowledge to solve the puzzles that will appeal to your sense of observation, your logic and your teamwork. Madame Irma is a second generation escape-game classified in the "challenging" category.

  • Is it dangerous ? Open or Close

    No need to worry ! Unlike some similar games, you will not be locked in Madame Irma's trailer ! Of course, the goal is to come out when you have solved all the puzzles... Also, be aware that a video surveillance system allows us to ensure your safety throughout the game. To respect your privacy, we do not record the images.
    For your safety, a fire extinguisher is located in the trailer.

  • Can I offer a gift voucher ? Open or Close

    If you want to offer the experience to your friends, we put at your disposal gift vouchers. They are valid one year from their issue and are not linked to a particular date. Only the amount is fixed and it is you who choose it. It is possible to buy vouchers on-site at Cordast (by appointment). Sending by post-mail is possible. ORDER FORM

    The gift vouchers already purchased for The Lab are of course also valid for the new room "Madame Irma" which replace The Lab.

  • Who should play Madame Irma ? Open or Close

    "Madame Irma" is aimed at all audiences : family, friends, work colleagues or to strengthen the "team building", between students, etc. If you like to play, Madame Irma is for you !

  • How can I pay ? Open or Close

    Payment is made in cash or by Twint, at our premises. For the moment, we do not accept credit or bank cards. ATM can be found in Courtepin or in Gurmels.

  • What equipment should I take ? Open or Close

    You don't need any accessories. During the game we keep your belongings safely. You do not need to wear a special outfit to participate to "Madame Irma". To keep all the mystery of the game for the other teams, it is not allowed to film or record it. Smartphones and other electronic devices do not enter Madame Irma's trailer !

  • What language should I talk ? Open or Close

    The puzzles are designed to be independent of the language. The rules explanations given at the beginning of the game are available in French, German and English. Animators speak mainly French but understand other languages.